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A single Slack command to improve your team awareness.

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/wlog was developed as a Slack integration from the ground up. All commands work from your chat window so you don't have to leave your work environment.


Why bother with more accounts and passwords? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Authenticate /wlog in Slack and you are done. In the rare occasion we send you to an external site we use tokens.


Seriously though, it is encouraging knowing what your colleagues are getting done and makes it a breeze keeping up a high morale for your troups.

Stay in the loop: What is your team up to?

All activities from your coworkers are gathered in the #wlog channel - while you can use the /wlog command from every window we decided a dedicated channel for updates would be best so your conversations don't get interrupted and you can customize your notifications preferences.

Easy to use

You can start logging your activiy just by typing sometging like "/wlog calling new clienst" into any of your slack chat windows. You end an acticity by starting the next one or typing "/wlog done". If you don't want to log you activities in realtime you can always use alternatives like "/wlog 01:15 calling new clients".

Unobstrusive but visible: Status updates

In addition to posting activities to the #wlog channel we dynamically change your slack status based on your current activity. This way you can see at a glance what your teammates are working on.

Simple inline editing

You confused the numbers, made a typo? Who cares, you can fix it right in your chat window. No need to leave your cosy Slack environment...

Integrated reporting tools

Aside from the #wlog channel history you can always pull up your or your team's history with the "/wlog show" and "/wlog show team" commands. You can view your recent history right in Slack, for a complete list you simply follow the "full report" link.

Bring your remote team closer together.

We love flexible working hours and places, however, sometimes it can get lonely.
With /wlog we create a feeling of presence for remote teams.

What does /wlog stand for?

Well, it's short for work log, not our finest moment but at least it's fast to type. You pronounce it pretty much like this, just swap out the "b" and start wlogging it. Yepp, that's why we call it wlog"it".com.

Do I need Slack?

Yes, /wlog only works as a slack integration and we have currently no plans to make it available in a different form. You can get Slack at www.slack.com, it's a simple and cool chat for your team. Sorry Hipchatters.

What about authorization?

To integrate /wlog with your slack account you need to be a team administrator. We authenticate using the team scope to create a channel and read out user names for the reporting module. Once authorizaton is complete and your team is set-up, all other members of your team will have access to /wlog without further ado. When they use /wlog for the first time we ask them to authorize status updates for their account.

What commands are available?

Using the /wlog help command in any chat window in slack gives you an overview of the available options:

This is a list of /wlog commands. Don't use the [] they are just for clearity.

/wlog [DESCRIPTION] [@HH:MM (optional)]
*** Starts an activity (stops previous activity)
*** Example: /wlog finalizing product presentation

/wlog done [@HH:MM (optional)]
*** Finishes an activity
*** Example: /wlog done
*** You can use /wlog done @13:20 for a different endpoint than the current time

/wlog show
*** Shows your activity log

/wlog edit
*** Lets you edit your last activities

*** Manually logs an activity
*** Example: /wlog 01:15 calling up new customers

*** Manually logs an activity using timestamps (24h format)
*** Example: /wlog 14:00 - 15:15 calling up new customers

Can I use /wlog as a timetracker?

Absolutely! We actually started this as a timetracking tool and the reporting module is optimized to get a quick overview of the hours you and your teammates have clocked up. However, you have to agree time tracking is pretty boring and can be a chore. Sharing your progress with your team is much more fun - tracking your time is just the bonus :)

Is it really free?

Yes. /wlog was developed for our own team as we could not find a simple, affordable and fun tool for tracking our time and sharing our progess. As it turned out quite alright (at least we love to think so) we are happy to share it with you. In the future we might need to introduce a (really cheap) paid plan coverering our maintenance costs, but only if "wlogging" becomes a thing...

I am missing a feature!

While we will continue to add some polish around the edges, for our own use case /wlog seems pretty much complete. Please remember that it is designed to be a lightweight and simple integration so we have no plans to add things like task management etc. However, If you do find an important feature that is inexplicably missing drop us a line and we will see what we can do.

Is my data private?

For the /wlog reporting module we need to access and save the full names of your team members and their working hours. However, we don't use your data in any other way exept for your team's history that only members of your team can view (each team member can view the complete team history). We host /wlog on ISO certified servers in Germany.

So, where can I get it?

You missed your chance at the top of the page, pal. But kudos for reading this far so we will make it easy for you: Just install /wlog from its Slack app-directory page.

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